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Demeanor for .NET, Enterprise edition
The premier code obfuscator for Microsoft's .NET platform

Superior Intellectual Property Protection

Demeanor for.NET protects your intellectual property by making it extremely difficult to reverse engineer your .NET applications. Unprotected .NET applications can be easily reverse engineered via decompilation and inspection by many decompiler products.

To counter this threat, WiseOwl has developed Demeanor for.NET -- the best .NET obfuscator available. Demeanor for.NET applies many transformations to your .NET applications that makes them much more difficult to reverse engineer.

Demeanor for.NET obfuscates the names of your types, fields, methods, properties and events by changing their names to meaningless symbols. Demeanor for.NET also obfuscates the metadata of your application, discarding all types and members that aren't needed during runtime. Demeanor for.NET also alters the control flow of your methods so that the resulting code is much harder to understand.

Free two week trial version available for evaluation

We are so confident of our product that we offer qualified companies a free two week trial of the full version of Demeanor for .NET, Enterprise Edition. You can test Demeanor for .NET, Enterprise Edition on your production code and see exactly how it works for you. The trial version contains the same functionality as the commerical, licensed edition with three exceptions:
  • The trial version embeds a notice in each obfuscated assembly that states the assembly was obfuscated by the unlicensed, trial version.
  • The trial version stops working after two weeks.

Please send a request for the trial version to sales (at) wiseowl.com stating your name and your company name. We will email back the trial version. Note: We cannot send a trial version to anonymous email accounts such as hotmail.com and yahoo.com.

Decreases application size and speeds program loading

After obfuscating your .NET application, Demeanor for.NET builds a new Portable Executable (PE) file for each assembly using a more efficient memory layout than that produced by typical development tools. With the space savings introduced by our industry-unique symbol obfuscation technique plus the space savings resulting from a more efficient memory layout, on average the new PE file is 10% smaller than the original file. As a result, your application loads and downloads more quickly.

Protects all assemblies that contain managed code regardless of language

Demeanor for.NET can obfuscate managed types and members produced by any managed compiler -- those that contain only managed code and those containing both managed and unmanaged code.

For example, Demeanor for.NET obfuscates assemblies produced by the Microsoft C# and VB.NET compilers. These assemblies contain only managed code. However, Demeanor for.NET also obfuscates assemblies produced by the Microsoft C++ compiler with Managed Extensions (MC++). Such assemblies contain managed code (CIL) and unmanaged code (x86 instructions).

Integrates easily with your build process

Wise Owl Consulting has decades of experience delivering dependable and scalable products. Demeanor for .NET is designed, developed and tested for the professional developer. It has been designed for small and large systems alike.
Demeanor for .NET integrates with Microsoft's Visual Studio allowing automatic build+obfuscation during your project builds. Additionally, using the MSBuild obfuscation task, you can customize your MSBuild projects to run obfuscation tasks as required. Finally, Demeanor's command-line tool has also been optimized for your batch build processes. Demeanor for .NET, Enterprise Edition is highly configurable to suit your exacting requirements.

Key features at a glance

Demeanor for.NET Enterprise Edition

  • Obfuscates assemblies in any .NET language!
  • Obfuscates assemblies built for all versions of the .NET Framework - 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5.
  • Removes unnecessary symbols producing maximal obfuscation and compression
  • Removes unnecessary metadata preventing decompilation to the original source
  • Encrypts string literals
  • Obfuscates multi-module assemblies
  • Obfuscates satellite resource assemblies automatically
  • Supports incremental obfuscation of one or more assemblies
  • Multiple obfuscation vectors designed to confuse both human and automated reverse engineering
  • Uses XML configuration and reporting files allowing easy integration with other tools
  • Visual Studio .NET integration allowing product building and obfuscation directly from the IDE
  • MSBuild Obfuscation Task for obfuscation support directly in the MSBuild projects.
  • Command line tool for use in your batch build environment

Click the link for complete details about Demeanor for.NET, Enterprise edition

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